Structured Problem Solving

Do you encounter the same problems over and over?  Frustrated no one seems to learn from experiences?  Does your organization have a few “firefighters” who jump on any problem for a quick fix but the problem’s back next month or next week or tomorrow and everyone else stands back and waits for someone else to act or just accepts putting up with this as part of their job and no wonder nothing gets done on time?

Time to try VMEC’s Structured Problem Solving workshop!  A methodical, well thought out process to approach big and little problems and make them go away forever.  How is this accomplished?  By thinking first, getting some data, trying a test solution and then following up to see how it works.  This is called the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act).  The Problem Solving workshop explains the theory, but more important, provides examples and exercises to try it out.

Better yet, if you have a nagging work problem needing attention, come ready to share and discuss and we’ll start applying PDCA right away to your organization no matter its size or industry. And to keep an eye on following up the problem, you’ll bring back a proven tool called an A3…we’ll try it out with a case study or your actual problem.

Note: If problem solving leads you to human error, VMEC’s “Mistake-Proofing for Manufacturing and Administrative Processes” workshop teaches how to apply the structured problem solving techniques learned in this workshop to the problem with human error.