Workforce Development

A strong manufacturing base is absolutely critical to the financial and national security of the United States. U.S. manufacturers employ over 13 million people in high-paying jobs, directly and indirectly, in a wide range of industries. In Vermont in 2014, manufacturing employed about 32,000 people or 10.4% of Vermont’s total employment of about 306,700. As manufacturing jobs move from low-tech to high-skill, the manufacturing workforce will be increasingly important to helping sustain the American way of life. Building a strong program for workforce development is essential.

VMEC Workforce Development Training and Skills Growth

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Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)-affiliated centers around the country, like VMEC, are engaged in a wide variety of activities to help develop and maintain a skilled workforce and organizational policies that reflect progressive workforce practices. In addition, we support efforts whenever possible to help build the local and national workforce development ‘eco-system’ for manufacturing. Essential components of these efforts include: ensuring access to career ladders, competitive wages and benefits, training opportunities, and mentorships/ internships/ apprenticeships.

Developing a highly skilled workforce is critical to Vermont’s manufacturers. VMEC offers a variety of networking and training opportunities through its basic and advanced public and onsite Workshops, Vermont Manufacturing Forums held at local plants, and focused Special Events. These exceptional offerings are designed to inform, challenge and train attendees about how they might improve their operations, accelerate profitable growth, and gain competitive advantage through workforce development best practices in advanced talent management and investments in people.