Lean Measures and Decision Making (aka Accounting for Lean)

June 19 - June 20, 2018
8:00AM - 4:30PM
Burlington Electric Department
585 Pine Street, Burlington, Vermont 05401 (map)

$895 per person

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Note: Attendees will need to bring their laptop (sharing is allowed) and be prepared to dive into the numbers as this is a very intensive hands-on workshop;
oth days of this training must be attended.

Traditional accounting and managerial methods were designed to support traditional, mass production manufacturing.   Lean manufacturing principles and methods require a new set of performance measures and accounting information to support the Lean enterprise.   For example, Lean manufacturing is about eliminating wastes that include “overproduction”; but traditional accounting would say to maximize machine hours (building work-in-process inventory) to absorb overhead.   Traditional accounting and Lean methods are often at cross purposes.

This workshop is designed for both manufacturing leaders AND their financial counterparts to encourage a greater level of alignment between Lean operations and accounting.  It is highly recommended that CEO’s, CFO’s, Controllers, Directors of Human Resources, Operations Managers and other leaders from companies committed to Lean transformation (and usually into their Lean journey) attend this informative and valuable 2-day session as a team.  It covers a wide ranging set of topics including Lean tools, organizational culture, value streams, and deep-dives into Lean business management practices through the lens of both the customer (operations) and the supplier of information (accounting).

This workshop will illustrate the value and competitive advantage of Lean principles and practices via a hands-on simulation that includes Lean’s impact on operations and financial statements. Implementing a Lean Business System typically sends the wrong signals and negatively impacts financial results during the early stages. Unlike traditional Lean simulations, this workshop will include financial statements for each stage of the simulation in both a traditional format and then a simplified “Plain English” Profit & Loss format in order to demonstrate the importance of alignment between operations and accounting. The workshop will clearly illustrate why traditional cost management techniques are often at odds with Lean thinking and provide answers on how to develop a set of financial reports, including “Plain English” financial statements that allow the user community to truly understand performance. Exercises will demonstrate how traditional transactional processing needs to be changed in lock-step with Lean changes occurring in manufacturing, and how a working partnership between operations and accounting supports an effective Lean transformation.


Payment: Please make check payable to “VMEC” and mail to PO Box 12, Randolph Center, VT 05061-0012. To pay by credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX), click here.