FORUM: Lean Principles Applied to Hayward Tyler’s High Mix, Custom Design Environment

May 12, 2017
9:00AM - 12:00PM
Hayward Tyler
480 Roosevelt Highway, Colchester, Vermont (map)

8:30 am – Registration / 9 am – 12 NOON – Presentation, Q&A, Facility tour
480 Roosevelt Highway, Colchester, Vermont

No open-toed or heeled shoes, please.  

Hayward Tyler is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electric motors and pumps. Whether the motors are dry or wet-wound, Hayward Tyler has a market leading reputation for providing mission critical products and services where the application is for high pressure, high temperature or difficult to handle fluids.  With a heritage and pedigree stretching back 200 years, they remain committed to providing their customers with innovative, reliable technological solutions across the entire energy sector.

Hayward Tyler began working with VMEC with a focus on organizing their manufacturing facility. Over time, they realized that spot solutions were not achieving the results they desired. They were facing challenges in space, lead time and growth.  The company partnered with VMEC to train the entire workforce in Lean thinking, in both the manufacturing and office areas.  During this time they created and filled a Director of Continuous Improvement position.

At this forum, Hayward Tyler will share the story of their lean journey, from realization of the business challenges to transforming into a company organized by value streams. They will share  what Senior management’s role is in this kind of structure change, and how significant their involvement is. Hear how they achieved significant improvements in one of their value streams, along with the challenges and obstacles that had to be overcome when making changes in both manufacturing and the office. Hayward Tyler will also do a deep dive into the details of implementation, and lessons learned from focusing on product and information flow in a mixed model environment.

After organizing by Value Streams, One of the first areas of focus was the service side of the business.  They achieved significant lead time reduction through the office and engineering portion of the business.  They were also facing space constraints and elected to reorganize the manufacturing floor to address the capacity restraints.  You will see through their time lapsed video how their shop floor reorganization, referred to as the ‘Mega 5S’, transpired where the facility was entirely shut down for two days and each employee participated in this major effort.  The outcome improved flow, created inventory control and eased work orders processing.  In addition to improvements in cost, the more consistent flow gave them reduced lead time, increased through-put, improved on-time delivery, more accurate quotes to customers, and business growth. The next phase for Hayward Tyler is to apply the value stream method to other areas of the business.

This forum will begin with a presentation from Hayward Tyler, followed by a tour of the facility.

Who should attend: Senior leaders and Lean thinkers at all levels of your organization.

There is NO FEE for this forum but you must pre-register.