Continuous Improvement and Innovation Symposium

October 17, 2019
10:30AM - 3:00PM
GlobalFoundries, Essex Junction, VT
1000 River Street, Essex Junction, VT (GlobalCenter) (map)

Please join VMEC and other Vermont continuous improvement and innovation enthusiasts at this unique networking and learning event!   The purpose of this special VMEC Manufacturing Month Event is to connect, stimulate and learn. This Symposium is an opportunity to see what’s happening right here in Vermont.

Symposiums like this one, in years past, have brought together hundreds of people from Vermont business, educational and government communities to share their knowledge and experiences, and improve capabilities.  Come be a part of this unique and valuable event this year!

This Continuous Improvement and Innovation Symposium is a combination of poster session, networking and focused learning.  Please pay special attention to the notices below regarding:

  • GlobalFoundries entry requirements,
  • your registration requirements (you/ your team MUST create and bring a poster to be present for the event),
  • and poster title

Poster Session/networking Teams display and discuss their use of a variety of Continuous Improvement and Innovation methods to address a problem or strive for a future state.  Examples of projects include the use of Structured Problem Solving, Value Stream Mapping, Standard Work, Strategy Deployment, Six Sigma, Innovation Systems and more.  We suggest that you bring at least two (2) people from your team so that you can take turns discussing your poster and walking around to talk with other teams about their projects.  

Focused Learning The event will also include 2 scheduled times when experienced practitioners will share and lead discussions on valuable topics for you and your organization.  

1) Creating a highly energized work environment – Using the right management styles, this informative breakout session will have a direct influence on innovation and continuous improvement in your organization.  Jack Mastrianni, VMEC Service Provider and founder and principal of Sustainable Growth Partners (SGP), will lead this discussion on 6 dimensions of workplace climate as well as 6 management styles and explore which of these are most conducive to innovation and continuous improvement.   You will leave with a “take-away” to reflect on and motivate you to work toward creating a climate for innovation to thrive!

2) Getting out of the Box:   How Creativity can Boost Problem Solving – Sometimes problem solving requires innovation. Maybe you’ve determined a root cause but don’t have a solution; or you’re striving to achieve a new target or challenge that’s never been reached.   In this session, led by Patricia Giavara, VMEC Assistant Director and Innovation Engineering Black Belt, we will discuss and try proven methods for shifting our (and our team’s) thinking to create new ideas and solutions. We’ll also hear one company team’s experience “getting out of the box” to create unique solutions.

There is no fee to attend this event, but registration is required and you MUST bring a poster  Your “ticket” for 2 to 4 team members is your poster highlighting the continuous improvement or innovation method you used to learn and move toward your challenge.  Don’t worry if you think your example isn’t “good” or isn’t “complete”. The symposium presents an opportunity for you to both showcase your team’s work AND get coaching from a knowledgeable and interested audience.

Registration is requested no later than Thursday, October 10  When you register, please include the names of your team members who will attend, plus the “title” of your poster (up to 4 team members per poster and there is no limit on the number of posters/ teams per company) in the “Comments” field.

To comply with GlobalFoundries visitor registration, please also indicate if any of your team members are non-US citizens and if so, their nationality, in the form’s “Comments” field.

Poster guidelines and sample layouts to get you started can be found at this link. The most up-to-date agenda can be found here

For more information contact:

  • Carla C. Wuthrich VMEC Professional Manufacturing and Business Growth Advisor,, (802) 734-1227
  • Robynn Albert, VMEC Marketing and Training Manager,, (802) 793-2078
  • Patricia Giavara, VMEC Assistant Director,, (802) 279-6103