Innovation Engineering Experience for Vermont Working Lands Companies

January 01, 1970

$250 per person

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Experience Creating, Testing and Pitching Ideas for New Products

Vermont Working Lands Companies (Agriculture, Food production, Forest products
and Wood products)

Hosted by VMEC, this special event will be led by VMEC’s Innovation Engineering Black Belts Patricia Giavara and Lisa Henderson. 

Spend two days Working on Your Business and Taking Action on Ideas for more profitable new Products or Services, new Business Models, new Marketing Messages or new Processes.

Benefits to Vermont’s farm, food, forest, and wood products businesses and organizations:    

*  Accomplish in 2 days what might otherwise take you weeks or months!

*   Significantly increase your odds of success with your next innovation. This highly interactive program and dynamic program leader will energize you to take your business where you want it to go.

*   Focus on REAL opportunities and challenges as reported by the VT Working Lands companies attending this event.   Participants will be engaged ahead of time to hone-in on those challenges with us, so you will be able to walk away with tangible progress and understanding.

*   Collaborate and build connections with your peers in Agriculture, Food, Forest and Wood products industries.  They will help you with your ideas, and you will help them – both during and after the event.

*   Take advantage of  this special event pricing, reduced from $895 per person to just $250 per person, a more than 70% discount!  We strongly encourage you to come with at least one other key person from your organization – a staff member, business partner, or advisor. This extra investment dramatically increases the likelihood of you implementing the innovations you want to see.

Examples of innovation projects you might work on at the event:

  • Create unique ideas for product packaging to improve freshness, minimize damage, reduce shipping cost, reduce waste, or other benefit.
  • Attend with colleagues whom you’re working with collaboratively to solve a problem, and attend as a group to work on quickly advancing your objectives.
  • Create new ideas for small scale, low cost processing methods to increase customer convenience (peel or chop, for example).
  • Attend with an industry team to work on a common problem such as shipping costs.

The Innovation Engineering Experience is a high energy, fast-paced, learn-and-apply experience.  In just two full days, Innovation Engineering Experience will help you go from defining your strategic mission for innovation, to having a tested idea ready to pitch to new or existing customers. And, you will receive support and coaching following the event, to help you complete your project. With grant support from the Working Lands Enterprise Initiative, the event cost is just $250 per person for both days, including breakfasts and lunches.

Innovation Engineering® is a proven, scientific system for never-ending innovation developed by Eureka! Ranch, the University of Maine, NIST MEP and the Innovation Engineering Network. Grounded in 27+ years of research and project work, it incorporates the systems thinking mindset of Dr. W. Edwards Deming through education, tools, coaching and mentoring to enable innovation by everyone, every day. VMEC is a founding member of the Innovation Engineering Network and has been assisting companies with Innovation Engineering projects since 2006.

An overview of the Innovation Engineering Experience:

Pre-Event Preparation:

  • Meet with VMEC Innovation Engineering Black Belt to define strategic innovation objective.
  • Complete on­line digital classes covering fundamentals of “Creating, Communicating and Commercializing” innovations.

2-Day Event:

  • Education on new method for innovation
  • Define a strategic priority
  • Invent initial ideas to address
  • Conduct market research
  • Quantify forecast and action plan

Post-Event Support:

Meetings with VMEC and other participating companies provide follow-on support to complete projects and reinforce the Innovation Engineering® methods learned.

  • Review project progress and outcomes with VMEC Innovation Engineering Black Belt, 1 month and 6 months after event.
  • Participate in two, small group meetings with other participating companies to update on projects and share learnings.


“Having been to a similar two and a half day event put on by VMEC along with most other RDC directors in the state, I can tell you first hand that the takeaways from attending and fully participating in this very intense training program are absorbing, eye-opening, mind-expanding and above all, enlightening beyond anything I expected at the time.” – John Mandeville, Executive Director, Lamoille Economic Development Corporation

“At first I was fairly skeptical of the 3-day commitment it would take for so many folks from our company. I can tell you it’s been transformational in our view of the importance of innovation and how it will affect our ability to deliver interesting new products and great marketing in the future.” – Joe Perrotto, President, Country Home Products, Inc.


Registration Details:
The discounted registration fee for this event, made possible through a Vermont Working Lands Enterprise Initiative grant for Vermont working lands sector companies (including agriculture, food production, forest products and wood products) is $250 per person, including breakfast and lunch. NOTE: The registration fee for non-Working Lands organizations is $895 per person; please visit this link to register. If possible, companies are strongly encouraged to bring 2-4 team members from their company. Seats are limited, so we encourage you to register early.

If you are seeking accommodations in the Randolph area, please visit the White River Valley Chamber of Commerce web site or the VT Chamber of Commerce  web site.

Payment: Please make check payable to “VMEC” and mail to PO Box 12, Randolph Center, VT 05061-0012. To pay by credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX), click here.